Cargo van load boards can help you find the best loads and increase your income at an affordable monthly rate. To learn more about the five best options, check out our guide. Don’t forget to explore other articles in our ‘Cargo van owner operator’ series.

If you’re a cargo van carrier looking for suitable loads at quality rates, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best load boards available. These load boards can help you connect with shippers and find reputable, high-quality loads that fit your business needs.

Top 5 Cargo Van Load Board Picks


1. Truckstop: As the biggest load board with over 80 million annual loads, Truckstop makes it easy for cargo van carriers to find various job types, including hotshots, local, and OTR. Their pricing tiers allow you to select the best option for your business.


2. DAT: With nearly 900,000 loads posted daily, DAT is a clear market leader that offers unlimited searching, instant alarm match notifications, broker credit scores, days to pay, market rates, mileage routing, and much more. Their pricing is reasonable, and it’s actually in line with other premium paid load boards.

Direct Freight

3. Direct Freight: Direct Freight is an affordable option providing a customized cargo load board experience. It offers unlimited search, custom alert scheduling, and an easy-to-use filtering system, making it an excellent choice for owner operators.


4. 123Loadboard: 123Loadboard helps you find quality cargo van loads, with over 50 million loads posted annually. It offers integrated features such as load planning and a route helper to help you earn more per mile while reducing dead miles. It also allows carriers to check potential clients’ credit status and view industry rates to negotiate fair pay better.


5. Comfreight: Comfreight combines digital factoring and invoicing with an online load board to ensure you get paid in a timely manner. Its HaulPay load board system allows you to manage complex payment scenarios by adding digital documents and photos to easily invoice your clients immediately after delivering the load.

Advantages of Freight Carrier Load Boards

Still trying to decide whether to use load boards? Discover the benefits of leveraging top cargo van load boards:

Finding Jobs

Load boards are a great way to keep you moving freight and find new loads. They allow you to bid on jobs and secure high-quality cargo van loads without having to establish relationships with shippers beforehand. You can even find local load boards in some areas specifically for cargo vans.


When carriers first connect with shippers through a load board shipment, it can often lead to long-term relationships. If a shipper is impressed with the carrier, they may offer more frequent loads, resulting in stable recurring work.

Cost vs Income

Investing in a cargo van load board can be a valuable asset for earning potential as it simplifies the process of finding suitable jobs, saving time and effort. Although they come with a monthly cost, the benefits can outweigh the expenses.


The best load boards for cargo vans allow drivers to rate shippers based on their experience. This rating system provides helpful transparency for future carriers and helps avoid working with low-quality shippers.

Real-Time Updates

Real-time updates from cargo van load apps are crucial to avoid wasting time. Paid load board jobs are usually updated instantly, allowing you to identify new jobs as soon as they are available.

Pricing Transparency

By reviewing rate details and negotiation histories, you can gain valuable insights into market rates and improve your competitiveness and margins in the long run. 

Additionally, accessing load board postings can help small cargo van operators increase their capacity utilization and generate more revenue by offering greater flexibility and exposure to larger freight volumes.

Load Boards for Cargo Van Drivers

If you are a cargo van driver, you can use load boards to find suitable, high-quality loads for your vehicle. Load boards offer a variety of opportunities for cargo van drivers, from local deliveries to hotshot cargo van jobs, and can help expand their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do cargo van Owner Operators find loads?

Cargo vans find loads through online load boards like DAT, enabling shippers and brokers to post available freight loads with details like freight type, origin, destination, dimensions, and weight. Drivers or dispatchers for cargo van companies browse the load boards to find jobs matching their route and cargo capacity. Then, they bid or negotiate rates directly with the shippers or brokers posting them.

Are there load boards for sprinter vans?

Several load boards post hauling jobs suitable for sprinter vans and other small cargo vans. For instance, DAT, Truckstop, and 123LoadBoard let you search and filter for partial truckload and LTL freight loads that match the weight capacity and dimensions of sprinter vans.

Is a cargo van business profitable?

Starting a cargo van business can be a lucrative opportunity, provided there is a significant demand for delivery services in the area and the business is managed efficiently. However, success is not guaranteed, just like with any business, and it requires a solid business plan, access to funding, and excellent management skills. 


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Final Thoughts

Choose a load board that aligns with your business needs, considering unique features and benefits. This list aims to guide you in picking the right load board to enhance your business and boost profitability.