Are you looking to monetize your cargo van? Whether you’re considering starting a new business or want to earn some extra cash, there are numerous opportunities to explore.

This guide shares the top 10 ways to make money with a cargo van, from launching a mobile business to delivering goods. Read on to discover lucrative options and unleash your entrepreneurial potential.

 10 Ways to Earn Money With a Cargo Van

1. Launch Business-On-Wheels or Mobile Business

Imagine bringing your services directly to your customers’ doorsteps. That’s the magic of a business-on-wheels. Consider starting a mobile pet grooming business catering to busy pet owners who appreciate the convenience of grooming services at their homes. Alternatively, explore the world of mobile floristry, especially in places with less competition and a reliable supply of flowers. This unique approach can build a loyal customer base through repeat business and referrals.

2. Use Cargo Vans In Moving Services

The moving industry is perennially in demand, making it an excellent avenue for your cargo van business. Offer moving services to individuals and companies looking to relocate their goods. However, ensure compliance with local laws, licensing requirements, and necessary insurance coverage before diving into this venture. A valid driver’s license and cargo, commercial, and liability insurance may be essential prerequisites.

3. Rent It Out

Turn your cargo van into a source of passive income by renting it out. Utilize popular car rental platforms to list your van and connect with potential renters. Many companies prefer renting over purchasing new cargo vans, making this an attractive option for businesses with temporary transport needs. Before renting out your van, vet potential renters to ensure legitimacy and consider targeting businesses requiring short-term transportation solutions.

4. Offer Retail Deliveries

As the e-commerce industry continues to thrive, there’s a growing demand for efficient delivery services. Small businesses, both online and brick-and-mortar, seek fast and reliable delivery options. Capitalize on this by offering delivery services to thrift shops, appliance stores, hardware stores, and other local businesses. Stand out by providing last-minute deliveries and catering to the urgent needs of your clients.

5. Use It In Towing Services

Towing services represent another promising avenue for cargo van entrepreneurs. Whether it’s towing cars, trailers, heavy equipment, or large objects, your cargo van can become a lifeline in stressful situations. This venture provides a fulfilling service and offers opportunities for earning extra income as a side hustle.

6. Turn Cargo Vans Into Mobile Advertisements

Convert your cargo van into a moving billboard and earn passive income through local advertising—partner with ad wrapping companies or local businesses to cover your van in eye-catching branding. As you commute and run errands, your van becomes a mobile advertisement, creating a unique income stream without requiring considerable effort on your part.

7. Use It For Hauling Services

While cargo vans are commonly associated with delivery services, there’s also a demand for hauling services. Target local businesses wanting to declutter their office spaces by offering hauling services. Assist them in getting rid of junk or old items, especially in bustling urban areas where people are too busy to manage such tasks. Keep in mind that a commercial driver’s license may be necessary for this business idea.

8. Utilize It As A Food Truck & Deliver

If you possess culinary skills and a passion for food, consider turning your cargo van into a food truck. With the rising demand for food delivery services, delivering food directly to customers’ homes is a surefire way to make money. Explore popular spots with high foot traffic or cater to events to maximize your business’s reach and success.

9. Use It For Delivering Goods

Capitalizing on the cargo space of your van, consider providing last-mile delivery services for goods. With the growth in online shopping, the demand for efficient and timely deliveries has never been higher. Platforms like Amazon offer opportunities for cargo van owners to earn competitive rates (around $18 to $25 per hour) for delivering packages. Utilize your van to tap into this growing market and generate a steady income.

10. Start a Home Improvement Business with Your Cargo Van

Load up your cargo van with tools and dive into the world of home improvement for extra earnings. Perfect for a pressure washing business, your van can carry a top-notch pressure washer to tackle various cleaning projects.

If you’re skilled in painting, cabinetry, or floor installation, offer these services too. Your cargo van becomes a versatile mobile workshop ready for diverse home improvement tasks. Turn your van into a money-making machine by taking on projects that enhance homes both inside and out.


In conclusion, a cargo van is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a versatile tool that can open doors to various income-generating opportunities. Whether you launch a mobile business, provide moving services, or deliver goods, each option offers unique advantages and the flexibility to tailor your venture to your skills and interests. Research the possibilities, invest wisely, and venture on a journey to unlock the full potential of your cargo van, turning it into a reliable source of income in 2024 and beyond.